Life in hotels

Sensual NFT collection describing the stories and moments of life in hotels.

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Body flowers

A provocative and artistic NFT collection that intertwines the delicate beauty of flowers with the human form.

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Spring is comming

A sensual NFT collection that merges the allure of the human form with the promise of spring

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Artist's studio. Clay.

This collection series showcases the woman's body as clay, with a mesmerizing blend of texture. The artworks are visually striking and conceptually rich, offering viewers a glimpse into a world of endless imagination.

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Artist's studio. Sculpture

These digital artworks skillfully showcase the human form in all its beauty and elegance, transcending boundaries and celebrating the artistry of the human body.

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Artist's studio. Paint

These digital artworks, featuring tasteful nude compositions, offer a captivating glimpse into the raw, creative process where the human form becomes a canvas for artistic expression.

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